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Holidays in Spain


Would you like to visit a country with some of the best beaches in the world? Then grab your swimsuit and come to Spain! You can choose from 540 beaches and 98 marina resorts distinguished with the prestigious Blue Flag award, thanks to their quality and safety. Crystal-clear waters, coves, cliffs, broad stretches of sand, and all bathed in radiant sunshine… Spain has exactly what you want. Spain has what you need.

Of the 46 nations in the northern hemisphere eligible for recognition as part of the Blue Flag system, Spain has emerged as the number one. In other words, this summer you'll find the Blue Flag flying on one out of every six Spanish beaches, and one of every six Blue Flag beaches throughout the world will be in Spain. This is an award which is bestowed by the European Environmental Foundation (EEF). What does this distinction guarantee? Beaches where you can find information on all the nature spaces throughout the area, specialised life-saving services, first-rate water quality, signposted areas for surfing, kite surfing, water craft, pedalos, etc., easy access… You're sure to feel like taking a dip...

With almost 8,000 kilometres of coastline and 3,000 listed beaches, Spain is the perfect destination for those in search of sun and sand at any time of year. Proof of this lies in the thousands who return year after year. Here you'll find a broad, varied array of attractions, with beaches offering a multitude of options for entertainment with the family, water sports and fun by both day and night.


There are almost endless ways to enjoy the Spanish coast. Spanish beaches are some of the best in terms of cleanliness, safety and infrastructure. They are also some of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. Swimming in warm, calm, clear waters, diving down to bright seabeds, teaming with life, building ditches and sandcastles, or exploring the coastline on a boat are unforgettable experiences for the whole family.

Spain is the ideal place for a holiday with all the family. Come and discover a warm, welcoming country with the best infrastructure for families, where the little ones will be looked after like nowhere else. The notion of family has a deep-rooted importance in the Spanish way of life, and you will feel right at home from the moment you arrive.

Whether in major cities or rural villages, Spain’s social traditions reserve a special place and special attention for children. This excellent treatment also extends to the rest of the family. You will find yourself well attended whether at the water park, museum, hotel or restaurant.

Spanish Gastronomy

The international prestige of Spanish gastronomy continues to grow day by day. On your holiday in Spain you will enjoy healthy, imaginative and, above all, highly varied cuisine. Part of the secret lies in the ingredients - top-quality products that you can take home as souvenirs too. And what is more, with the best guarantee: the Designation of Origin certification. Discover what they are and where to find them.

Tapas, traditional desserts, mouth-watering dishes, the Mediterranean diet… Travelling in Spain means enjoying a wide range of delights when it is time to sit down to eat. Furthermore, some of these delicacies can be taken home with you too: when you try Spanish ham, cheese, wine and olive oil, you will discover that they make mouth-watering souvenirs and gifts to take back for your friends.

To make sure you get the right thing, go for quality. In Spain, the Designation of Origin (D.O.) seal will guarantee this. This mark ensures that the foodstuff in question is of excellent quality, produced in a specific geographical area, with its own unique characteristics. Designations of Origin are protected by European Union directives, and include Spanish gastronomy's most famous products

The Costa Brava

Costa Brava is the name given to the tourist area at the north-eastern extremity of Spain, above the coastline of Girona. Its geographical limits are the border with France in the north, and Blanes in the south (approx. 60 km. from Barcelona).

The natural beauty and the mild Mediterranean climate, made the area into a tourist focal point already in the first decades of the last century.

The Costa Brava went through an important process of changes to satisfy growing and became one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe.

As a result of that overcrowding, the Costa Brava today is a classic tourist destination. Lloret or Tossa de Mar are locations that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

The Costa Brava is still an area that holds surprises for visitors who arrive with a willingness to discover its whole; for those who are not content to limit their stay in their resort. The Costa Brava is attractive as a whole and it is worthwhile exploring as much of the territory as possible. Only by exploring this territory (which is usually done on land but which is also excellent by boat) can one adequately gauge the wealth and diversity of the area.

Lloret de Mar

This town represents one of the main tourist-urban phenomena of the Costa Brava.

Lloret has various outstanding urban elements, such as its wide promenade that runs parallel to the beach, flanked by graceful palm trees; the Sant Romá church (outstanding are its gothic main door and altarpiece); the town hall, Isabelline in style and located at the head of the promenade; and the bronze statue of Dona Marinera that faces the sea and is located on the crag of El Rompent. It is also worth visiting the nearby castle of Sant Joan in Fenals and the chapel of Santa Cristina that rises between the beaches of Santa Cristina and Treumal.

For sure, a very large part of the visitors who choose Lloret as a holiday destination prefer the pubs, discos, bars, flamenco shows, bowling alleys and other establishments in which they can relax, to other attractions. In this respect, Lloret has a wide variety to offer that can be considered inexhaustible. The town also has facilities probably not found together in any other locality on the Costa Brava, such as its casino, and on the Vidreres road, a splendid water park.

South of Lloret one can visit coves such as Treumal and Santa Cristina. One can also visit the beach of Boadella and the En Serrahima cove. Between these two and before that Fenals, there are the gardens of Santa Clotilde, a beautiful, quiet place close to the mansion of the same name.

In the north, the beauty of the coast is more abundant. Firstly one finds the coves of Els Frares and d´en Trons, that provide the first dose of peace amongst the overcrowding that reigns on the large beach of Lloret. Then, further along, after the Cabdells point, there are spaces such as the Tortuga cove, the spacious cove of Canyelles (this has a small marina), the Morisca cove, the beaches of Porto Pi, Lorell, Carles and Llevador.

Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar offers one of the most characteristic outlines of the Costa Brava thanks, basically, to its old town (which is encircled by battlement walls) that sits proudly above Cap de Tossa. The walls date from the 12th century and the houses protected by them were mostly built starting from the 15th century.

Just by arriving in Tossa, the visitor feels inevitably captivated by this old town that is in a constant and loving process of restoration. The peaceful and steep streets that cross it, often refreshed by the abundance of flowers in pots and flower beds or climbing up aged stone walls, or beside carved wooden front doors, afford endless visual enjoyment.

From the walls of the Vila Vella (the old town), where, at its highest point, there are ruins of a 15th century gothic temple, one has splendid views of Tossa in addition to a promise of countless treasures on the north coast. Also and in particular one can admire fully the top Vila Nova that grew outside the walls and that today houses most hotels and services that were set up by the city to accommodate its ever increasing number of visitors


A fishing village with a great coastal trade tradition during the 19th century, Blanes has a beautiful semicircular bay, closed in the north by a square shaped harbour. It has a gentle promenade shaded by pine trees and plane trees. From the ruins of the castle of Sant Joan there is a serene view of the town. On the same promontory one can visit the botanical gardens of Mar I Murtra. At the foot of these gardens, in a northerly direction, there are the coves of Forcanera and Sant Francesc.

Sant Feliu de Guíxols

Sant Feliu de Guíxols is one of the oldest urban centres of the Costa Brava. The cork industry and sea traffic laid the foundations for its growth process, especially in the 20th century. Tourism, in the last fifty years, has supplemented the prosperity of the town.

Sant Feliu extends in an orderly arrangement towards the interior. However, its maritime and it stretches in front of the beach and its yacht club and harbor, whose breakwater almost closes the bay completely. The chapel of Sant Elm, on the mound of the same name, affords a beautiful panoramic view of the Mediterranean and wide views on Sant Feliu. The town joins together distinct architectural elements of interest. The main element is probably the Benedictine monastery of Sant Feliu of which the highlight is the pre-Romanesque portico of Porta Ferrada. Also outstanding are the modern municipal theatre and the picturesque buildings of the early 20th century situated on the promenade. Amongst these is the “Nuevo Casino La Constancia” that is Arabic in style and ochre in colour.

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